First Responders Recognition

Come join us on May 6th, 2017 Saturday @ 5 pm at POA Building

58 FirehouseLaneFire Dept

First Responders Fundraiser Pot Luck 

Red Feather Lakes Community Association sponsored Event

Recognizing Volunteer First Responders from Crystal Lakes, Livermore, Glacier View, Poudre Canyon and Red Feather Lakes Fire Districts.

Bring your favorite dish to share along with donation money for this important fundraiser to show we care and appreciate these Volunteers.

After the recognition and completion of the meal we will distribute the funds raised and followed by evening of Karaoke.


For more information call Caryn @ 970-420-6252

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Community Association Spring Newsletter

Red Feather Lakes Community Association Spring Newsletters were mailed in early April to members.  If you would like a printed copy  use the “Contact” link on this site and provide your contact information. Or view here:
Spring 2017 Newsletter

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Update on Broadband from Larimer County

Larimer Broadband – Stay Up-To-Date

Stakeholders are invited to view the web page and sign up for subscription and newsletter updates about broadband in Larimer County.
Larimer Broadband is Larimer County’s program to explore and develop broadband options for its communities. There are now two ways to stay current on Larimer Broadband developments:

  1. Web page:
  2. Larimer Broadband email subscription – sign up through Virtual Courthouse Subscription Services:
Posted by Caryn Hughes for
Pam Marcus-Bause  |  Grant Coordinator

Community Development  |  Larimer County
200 West Oak Street  |  Fort Collins, CO 80521

Larimer County Broadband



Click on Notice to see information better.

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PVREA Presentation by Jan Petersen on 31st March 1-3 pm

POA Building 58 Firehouse Lane.

Jan Petersen presented PVREA’s solar energy initiatives and plans to further develop local “hubs” to reduce dependency on the major trunk connections, especially in outlying areas like Red Feather Lakes/Crystal Lakes.

Hosted by MaryAnne DellaFera, President of Board of Directors  High Country Estates HOA

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Red Feather Lakes Community Association is planning a free Spaghetti Dinner / Potluck for the community!


we had a great turnout with 50 peoople present for the event. Board members provided Spaghetti, Meatballs, Vegan, Bread, Parmesan Cheese, Coffee & Lemonade and the side sides were fabulous.  Many stayed and played games and cards and we had a fun evening.



Board GamesGlad the community joined us for the great meal and fellowship.



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Chili Cook Off / Karaoke

Chili Cook-Off / Karaoke

e4acb79f9ea0f8e4176d49926007d5a5(1)Held on SATURDAY 21st JANUARY 

Sorry for the delay providing an update on the Chili Cook-off, we had 15 competing Chili ‘s with over 44 attendees including the Firemen Judges: Andrew Short, Gerry Wagner, Mark Rode judging the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners.  Thank You!

And the WINNERS of the Chili Cook-Off are:

People’s Choice :   Brenda Tripoli

1st Place:  Karen JohnsonChili Cook Off Winners

2nd Place:  Shanda Meserlain

3rd Place:  Lon Hughes

We had a grand time!  Hope to do it again next year.  Thanks for your participation.



If you need more information call Caryn 970-420-6252

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Fall Community Dinner

Thank you for joining us on November 12, 2016

SATURDAY @ 5 pm at POA Building located at 58 Firehouse Lane


We served over 100 people at the Red Feather Lakes Community Association Fall Thanksgiving FREE meal and it was a great success!

We provided Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Dressing, Gravy and Rolls.

We enjoyed seeing you all!

The RFL Community Association Board gives thanks to our community!

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Karaoke / Potluck

Hello All – The Karaoke fundraiser event on 22nd October, Saturday was successful and we had great food and fun.  The Costume Contest was great and three winners!  Thanks for your support for the fundraiser.  We hope to do another possibly in January.



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Successful Silent Auction / Dinner last Saturday

First off I wanted to thank every person and business that donated items for the Silent Auction, the items were impressive and great for bidding!   The Steak and Chicken dinner was served to 92 people and I believe everyone enjoyed the meal.  There was some competitive bidding on many items and the Red Feather Lakes Community Association was able to net over $2900 in this fundraiser to help with maintenance on the building.  Thank you all for supporting this community event and making it a success!   Caryn Hughes, Office Manager.   Photos too large to Post.Red Feather

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Dinner & Silent Auction @ the POA August 20

Custom Aspen King Bed Frame

Custom Aspen King Bed Frame


Earrings&Necklace - Artist Linda Adams

Earrings&Necklace – Artist Linda Adams

There will be a delicious BBQ  dinner together with a silent auction on Saturday, August 20.  Doors open at 4:30 PM with the BBQ dinner beginning at 5 PM.  The cost of the dinner is $15/person with a choice of steak or chicken.  The event is being organized and staffed by the POA board and other volunteers.  This event is in place of the Reverse Drawing Dinner which was held for many years.  Unfortunately, that event became unaffordable due to increased food costs, difficulty in obtaining sufficient donations, low participation, and very high labor demands.  This new event is intended as a POA fund raiser.  It is expected that the dinner itself will be supported by the ticket price and auction proceeds will be profit for the POA.  Tickets are available now at the POA office and the Trading Post, no later than August 15th.  Showing  some auction items.

Leather Backpack from Rocky Mountain Cowhides

Leather Backpack from Rocky Mountain C

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