BINGO Saturday May 28th at 7p.m.


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Big Change for RFL POA Proposed

The Red Feather Lakes Property Owners Association, POA, has evolved over the years. Initially, it included management of the lakes and fish stocking. It evolved into two separate bodies over twenty years ago, The RF Storage and Irrigation Company and the RFL Property Owners Association, POA. Membership in the POA is currently restricted to those owning property within a boundary defined as within a five mile radius of the RFL Fire Department. Membership has always been voluntary and currently costs $45/year.

Since about 2005, POA membership has declined and it has become more and more difficult to get folks to volunteer to serve on the POA Board of Directors and help with bingo. There has also been significant growing confusion within the Real Estate Businesses about whether or not the POA is actually a Home Owners Association with mandatory dues and covenants. The Board has discussed these challenges over the past several years and last fall decided to consider enlarging the geographic area served by our organization. We also have been changing the events sponsored by the organization to decrease the workload of the Board and better meet the desires of the community. The Board proposes to rename the organization to the RFL Community Association and change the membership boundaries to include Crystal Lakes to the west and Glacier View to the east. A number of those folks already participate in our activities and have asked about joining. The proposal opens membership to owners of all properties within the newly proposed boundaries. Another proposed change is to provide an option to allow the Board to either hire an Office Manager as an employee, or create the position as a contract employee, which is less expensive for the POA and has benefits to the contracted employee.

To summarize, the proposed bylaw changes include new boundaries, a change of names to the Red Feather Lakes Community Association, and suggestions for designated committees staffed by Board members and other volunteers. The current bylaws can be found in the post below. The new proposal can be found here: 2016 By-Laws Update- DRAFT The proposed changes are highlighted to make them easier to identify.

The decision on whether or not to adopt the proposed bylaws and the organization name change will be voted on at the General Membership meeting on July 3, 2016 at 3 PM in the RFL POA building. Members are urged to attend and voice their opinions.

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Red Feather Lakes 2016 Princess Application

The POA is now accepting applications for the 2016 Red Feather Lakes Princess, to be selected during the July 4th Celebration. Applications must be submitted by June 224th.

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Basil at the 181 adds new flavors to Red Feather Lakes

Courtesy – The Fort Collins Coloradoan, April 5, 2016
RED FEATHER LAKES — The little restaurant tucked away on Ramona Drive has been empty for a couple of years, but its history goes way back in this mountain community about 45 miles northwest of downtown Fort Collins.

The former High Country Inn was famous for its fried chicken, attracting diners from the surrounding towns, Wyoming and Fort Collins.

When the High Country closed in late 2010, it stayed empty for about 18 months before new owners opened The Wandering Moose in 2012. That lasted a couple of years.

Now, Chili Valdez and his wife, Tamara, have opened Basil at the One Eighty One, a restaurant and bar at 181 Ramona Drive.

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July 4th Craft Fair Vendor Registration

For all you vendors from previous years and new vendors looking to participate, we are now accepting registration for our July 4th Celebration craft fair to be held Saturday July 2, 2016.

RFLPOA July 4th Celebration Craft Fair Registration

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New RFL Community Road Sign

You may be aware of a decision by the RFL Plan Advisory Committee to raise funds and install a Red Feather Lakes Village sign on CR 74E just to the east of CR 67J which leads into the village.   The sign is in the County road right-of-way and the POA will be responsible for the sign if any maintenance is required.  If you look to the right as you approach CR 67J, you can’t miss it.  The cost was about $4000.  To date, a little over $3000 has been raised and spent.  Donations are requested and can be dropped off at the Trading Post or sent to the POA office:  RFL POA, PO Box 350, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545.  Below is a picture of the newly completed project.  The sign itself is 3 1/2 feet high and 7 feet wide.  The overall height of the stone work is 7 feet above grade and the arrow is 18 1/2 feet long.  Please help us complete payment for this great addition to our community.

Many thanks to the Lions for their donation of $500.

74e sign


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Community Well Update

The community well on Main St. to the west of the Post Office is for the use of residents and visitors.  Over the years, the cost of weekly testing and water treatment has increased significantly, amounting to over $1,100/yr in 2015.  This does not include the cost of electricity and building maintenance.  The POA Board decided there needs to be a method of cost recovery.  Therefore, we have installed a collection container and sign at the well.  Please contribute to this handy water source when you take water for your needs


Well Donation 2 Well Donation 1                                                                                                  .



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POA Has New Office Manager

The POA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the hiring of Lori Davis as our new Office Manager.  Lori comes with wonderful qualifications and experience.  We feel very lucky to have her join us.  Lori lives in Glacier View.  She has already begun training with our outgoing Manager, Stacy McLain.  Stacy will be working to tie up all loose ends, however this job has many many challenging facets, so Lori will need some time and lots of support to climb the learning curve.  All those with experience with POA activities are asked to give Lori support when needed.

We are very grateful to have had Stacy with us, though we sure wish it had been longer.  We wish her all the luck in the world as she transitions to our neighbor state of Wyoming.

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Winter POA Newsletter

We have been meaning to include POA Newsletters on this site for several years, but just have not gotten around to it.  Here is the latest that was mailed out to members last week.  If you would like a printed copy and did not receive one, please call the POA office or use the “Contact” link on this site.  2016_01_30_17_02_21Jan News Letter – Color

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The Red Feather Lakes Property Owners Association By-Laws were last updated at the membership general meeting in July, 2014.  View them here:  2014 By-laws – Signed

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