Greening Weekend @ Red Feather

The first weekend in December is the annual “Greening of Red Feather”.  Many folks come up and cut their own Christmas tree at Beaver Meadows or in the national forest.  It is fun for the whole family.  The RFL Historical Society sponsors a craft fair at Chapel in the Pines of Saturday.  Stop by and get some Christmas gifts.

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New RFL Community Road Sign

You may be aware of a decision by the RFL Plan Advisory Committee to raise funds and install a Red Feather Lakes Village sign on CR 74E just to the east of CR 67J which leads into the village.   The sign will be in the County road right-of-way and the POA will be responsible for the sign after installation.  The sign should require zero maintenance.  If you look to the right as you approach CR 67J, you will see that construction has begun.  Completion depends on funding.  The estimated cost is $4000.  To date, a little over $1700 has been raised and spent to bring construction to this stage.  Donations are requested and can be dropped off at the Trading Post or sent to the POA office:  RFL POA, PO Box 350, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545.  Below is a artist rendering of the design.  The sign itself will be 3 1/2 feet high and 7 feet wide.  The overall height of the stone work will be 7 feet above grade and the arrow will be 18 1/2 feet long.  Please help us complete this great work.

Many thanks to the Lions Club for their donation of $500.


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RFL Plan Advisory Committee Opportunities

The Red Feather Plan Advisory Committee still has current vacancies that need to be filled.  Serving on this committee is not very time consuming and can be a significant contribution to our beautiful place. RFL property owners and those that have an association with Red Feather can learn more about this committee at: RFL PAC Info. Though this committee cannot control what changes occur in Red Feather, it does make recommendations to the County Commissioners based on input obtained from the general community. The primary objective of the committee is to maintain the character and quality of Historic Red Feather. The committee meets monthly on the fourth Thursday at 1:30 PM in the Firehouse conference room. The current focus is on road maintenance in Red Feather with a focus on the east side of CR 67J.

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RFL Property Owners Assoc. Needs Board Members

We were successful in obtaining several new board members at our annual member meeting last month, however we still need a few more.  There are openings for 1 yr., and 2 yr. terms. This is a working board, but with a full staff, the work is distributed, fun, and rewarding. You need not be a full time resident in RFL. Board meetings typically run 60 to 90 minutes and there are usually five meetings over the summer beginning in May. We understand that part time residents value their time in Red Feather ….. want to come up and just relax, however with a full board (9 members) the work is not a big impact.

So Please …. consider joining our board of directors. If you join and find you cannot complete a full term, we understand. You may resign at any time.  You may just submit your name via the POA phone 970–881-2925, inform a current board member, or let us know using the “Contact” link on this web site. Our By-Laws provide an option whereby you can join the board with just the acceptance of the current board.  No need to wait for the next annual meeting.  Thanks!

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New Business In Town!!

As you probably know, the Antique Store on Main St. closed and the owner retired last year. There is a new owner, Anita Golden, and her store is called The Village Emporium. The Village Emporium‘s intent is to supply quality products that we use ourselves and recommend to family and friends. Anita has been in the health industry for over 30 years and feels qualified to offer her knowledge and experience in your journey towards a healthier life style. She stocks a large supply of nutritional supplements as well as natural and certified GMO free products. She also carries a number of other health related items and will be scheduling Yoga classes in the Fall. CURRENT HOURS: Tuesday —Saturday –10:30 to 5:30 Sunday— 12 to 4 Closed Monday. Stop by and check out this unique business.

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Panhandle Creek ACE Hardware

  • Panhandle Creek ACE Hardware on Main St. is now open for business. It is a FULLY STOCKED ACE hardware. Most anything you find at an Ace in town is available now in Red Feather at prices that look to be the same. It will sure make life easier when we need the many things that ACE stocks!!!

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Artist for 1st Half 2015

  • Linda Adams retired and moved to Glacier View Meadows in 2003 after a 30-year career in public policy and advocacy. She holds a master’s in Operations Research and Public Systems Analysis from the University of Illinois and a bachelor’s in History from UCLA. Being a history buff, she became keenly interested in discovering the story of the Batterson Barn, which had largely faded away in the 100 years after the Battersons retired in 1903. She spent 5 years on intensive research culminating with the listing of the Batterson Barn and Stage Station on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.
  • Linda has also enjoyed art since childhood and upon retirement resumed her painting and creating wearable art. She began selling her work in local gift shops and arts and craft shows in 2006, and now participates in some two dozen shows throughout Colorado and Wyoming. She loves to work with natural and semi-precious stones to create items of casual elegance that each has a story to tell. In 2012 she opened the Batterson Barn Studio & Gallery above the garage, which is open 7 days/week by appointment. She also gives historical tours of the barn/stage station, homeplace, and grave to school children and various other groups coming from as far away as Denver.
  • The Batterson Barn is located at: 603 Mount Moriah Road; Livermore, CO 80536-9411. Linda’s web-site is:
  • Keep your eye on this page as the RFLPOA will feature other local artists in the future.  If you are a local area artist and desire to have your work featured please contact us.

DSCN6841-1Linda Adams in her gallery


Red Creek Jasper_detail_r-1DSCN6778-1


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Pine Beetle Inspections

Mountain Pine Beetle attacks are on the decline along the Front Range, HOWEVER, Larimer County (Roosevelt National Forest) is still suffering significant damage. If you need help looking for pine beetle attacks, please go to the “Beetles” link and request a free inspection.  Inspections are now available as weather allows.  We cannot inspect if there is much snow on the ground.  Ignoring a problem will lead to the loss of many additional trees. As you look at our hillsides, it is obvious this problem is growing worse. An inspection on Letitia in June 2014 resulted in over 15 attacked trees vs. zero attacks in the past. You will do yourself and your neighbors a big favor. YOU CAN SAVE YOUR TREES!!!

There have been several inquiries about spraying. The POA does not make specific company recommendations, however it is recommended that you spray in late May or very early June. In past years, late June was fine, but the milder winters have brought about an earlier flying season. Be sure to use an experienced company with a history in RFL. Getting references is a good idea. We have heard reports of companies not spraying up to 30 feet or all the way around some trees.  Both are necessary.  Spraying usually costs $11 to $12/tree. If cost is a sensitive issue, the Forest Service recommends you just spray the trees that are most important to you and your property value.

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POA Facility Rental Fees

The POA Board of Directors reviewed the rental rates for POA facilities at their regular board meeting on October 11, 2014. The rates had not changed in over 15 years. In light of significant increases in cleaning costs and utility rates over that period, an increase in POA rental fees was needed and justified. The following fee schedule for the main POA building will be in effect beginning on January 1, 2015. These new fees are very competitive with surrounding facilities and are far less than similar facilities “down the hill”. Usage fees include use of the POA kitchen, bathrooms, PA system and cleaning supplies. Fees for use of the POA “Little Building” will be negotiated on a per use basis and are substantially lower than fees for the main building. For community groups using POA facilities on a weekly or monthly basis, fees can be negotiated based on usage extent and other factors.

Hourly rates:
$40 an hour for community, family, and nonprofit organizations
$50 hour for businesses
Weddings: 4 hour minimum @ $50/hr. up to 50 people – over 50 people: $75.00 per hour
POA Member Discount: $10 per hour


    Non-refundable deposit:

25% of total rental due upon booking charged for business, family, or community events. This deposit will be subtracted from the rental fee.

    Cleaning deposit:

$100 for family and private events; $50 for community, business and nonprofit. If the building is as clean as they found it, the deposit will be returned. If not, the deposit will be retained and used to pay for the required cleaning.

    Damage deposit:

$200 This deposit will be returned to the client if there is no damage to the building. If the building is damaged, the amount of the repairs will be subtracted from the deposit and the remainder will be refunded. If the damage is over $200, the client will be charged the amount beyond the $200.
The board will create a check list of conditions of the facility after the building is used and inspected to determine if the deposit is returned.

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RFL Storage & Irrigation – New Website

The Storage and Irrigation company has a new website. You can visit at: Red Feather Storage & Irrigation Co.: Drop by for a visit and learn the latest info on fishing the RFL lakes.

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