Turkey Dinnner on Nov. 8, 2014

The annual Red Feather Area Turkey Dinner is set for Saturday, November 8 at 5 PM in the RFL POA building. The RFL Property Owners Association, POA, will furnish the turkey, drinks (coffee, lemonade, water), rolls and butter, mashed potatoes. This event is open to areas outside the classic Red Feather historic area (Glacier View, Crystal Lakes, Beaver Meadows). Attendees are asked to bring a side dish and their own table service. Please be prompt so all side dishes are available at the start of the dinner. There will be a drawing during the dinner at which several frozen turkeys will be given away, compliments of the POA. A donation toward the cost of the entree will be gratefully received.

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Panhandle Creek Hardware Future

  • Panhandle Creek Hardware on Main St. has changed hands and will become a fully stocked ACE hardware store.  The new owners also purchased the two vacant lots to the east.  The new store will utilize the existing space as well as expansion over the two adjacent lots.  Grading of the lots is complete, the concrete pad has been poured and steel framing is in progress. Opening is planned before winter weather sets in. It should be noted that the information provided by the owners has not been reliable, so it is not advised that you wait to start your project pending the store opening!!!!
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    Pine Beetle Inspections

    Mountain Pine Beetle attacks are on the decline along the Front Range, HOWEVER, Larimer County (Roosevelt National Forest) is still suffering significant damage. If you need help looking for pine beetle attacks, please go to the “Beetles” link and request a free inspection.  Inspections are now available as weather allows.  We cannot inspect if there is much snow on the ground.  Ignoring a problem will lead to the loss of many additional trees. As you look at our hillsides, it is obvious this problem is growing worse. An inspection on Letitia in June 2014 resulted in over 15 attacked trees vs. zero attacks in the past. You will do yourself and your neighbors a big favor. YOU CAN SAVE YOUR TREES!!!

    There have been several inquiries about spraying. The POA does not make specific company recommendations, however it is recommended that you spray in late May or very early June. In past years, late June was fine, but the milder winters have brought about an earlier flying season. Be sure to use an experienced company with a history in RFL. Getting references is a good idea. We have heard reports of companies not spraying up to 30 feet or all the way around some trees.  Both are necessary.  Spraying usually costs $11 to $12/tree. If cost is a sensitive issue, the Forest Service recommends you just spray the trees that are most important to you and your property value.

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    Welcome to the Red Feather Lakes (RFL) Property Owner’s Association (POA) web site!  The Red Feather POA covers an area sometimes known as Historic Red Feather and is considered to be properties within a five mile radius of the RFL Fire Station, however there are exceptions to this description.

    This site is your guide to the businesses, issues, and resources available in the area, which are linked on the right side. The most popular links are the weather station and the Community Calendar.  If you’re interested in Red Feather Lakes, you’ll want to bookmark this site.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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    RFL Plan Advisory Committee Opportunities

    The Red Feather Plan Advisory Committee still has current vacancies that need to be filled. One long term member expectd to “retire” in December, which creates more opportunities. Serving on this committee is not very time consuming and can be a significant contribution to our beautiful place. RFL property owners and those that have an association with Red Feather can learn more about this committee at: RFL PAC Info. Though this committee cannot control what changes occur in Red Feather, it does make recommendations to the County Commissioners based on input obtained from the general community. The primary objective of the committee is to maintain the character and quality of Historic Red Feather. The committee meets monthly on the first Thursday at 1:30 PM in the Firehouse conference room. The current focus is on road maintenance in Red Feather with a focus on the east side of CR 67J.

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    Artist for 1st. Half 2014

    The photographs below were taken by Susan Chesnut. She has been photographing nature since an early age, loving to capture nature’s personality and sharing it with others. There is nothing she loves more than taking her two dogs, Jax and MO for a run thru the woods, seeing nature and enjoying it like they do. She appreciates the beauty and quietness of the woods and enjoys capturing the sights with her camera. Susan and her family have a cabin in Crystal Lakes.
    Please take a moment and visit her website and comment on her photos. Susan Chesnut. Many have been taken in the Red Feather Lakes area.
    Cabin Digital Frame 305 (1024x768)

    DSC_0237 (1024x680)

    DSC_0415 (1024x680)

    DSCN1208 (1024x802)

    Keep your eye on this page as the RFLPOA will feature other local artists in the future.  If you are a local area artist and desire to have your work featured please contact us.

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    RFL Storage & Irrigation – New Website

    The Storage and Irrigation company has a new website. You can visit at: Red Feather Storage & Irrigation Co.: Drop by for a visit and learn the latest info on fishing the RFL lakes.

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    Attention: Important Fire Mitigation Needed

    The loss of two cabins in December, 2012 was due to the falling of a “beetle killed” tree onto power lines. We were EXTREMELY lucky to have avoided a horrible forest fire at that time.

    It is critical that you remove any trees on your property that are dead and near enough to power lines to damage them when the fall. Pine trees do not have a tap root like most trees. They typically fall 3 to 5 years after they die, but in Red Feather, it can be much earlier due to the winds we often encounter. Please take action right away if this information pertains to you. You can call Poudre Valley REA and they will take the trees down for you, however you will need to remove the debris. Thank you

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    Need Help with Dead Trees & Slash?

  • Unfortunately, many property owners in Red Feather have lost trees to beetle kill or other forces. The dead trees are no longer a beetle threat, however trees currently infested with beetles should be removed ASAP, for sure before June of 2013. You say: “Sure, but what can I do with the tree trunks and especially the slash?” There is now a low cost answer. A private entity called “Slash Solutions” has established a burn center on Creedmore Rd. just past the paved portion on the way to Beaver Meadows & Crystal Lakes. You can bring your material to that location on Th/F/Sat/Sun or Mon. between the hours of 10 AM till 6 PM. They have a recently purchased a Curtain Burner that burns green or dead tree material with virtually no smoke or odor. There is a nominal charge of $5/cubic yard. That is far less than hauling material down the hill.
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    Weather Station Status

    The weather station receiver now resides at the Trading Post. Since the Trading Post has an emergency generator, we will be less sensitive to power outages. Next time you are in the Trading Post, please thank them for taking on this task. Take a look on the weather link on this page. Temperature, wind speed, etc. updates every 6 minutes 24/7. The camera is fully operational and looks to the south over Ramona Lake. We have added a display of wind speed for the last 24 hours. The camera reports every 5 minutes during daylight hours.

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