This is the Web site of the Red Feather Lakes Community Association.


The purpose of the Association is to provide for the community of Red Feather Lakes: buildings for use by the community, a public well, publish an association member directory, conduct weekly Bingo sessions during the summer, publish an association newsletter, and sponsor several events during the year – Annual July 4th activities, Silent Auction Dinner, Holiday Dinner, etc. Please refer to the “Community Calendar” External Link to obtain more information about events.


The association membership is voluntary and consists of those property owners in the Red Feather Lakes area expanded boundaries from West of 287 to Continental Divide West and Poudre Canyon to Wyoming border north can be an association member. The Association is a not-for-profit organization in accordance with Colorado and Federal law.

To be a member in good standing the property owner is responsible to pay an annual membership fee, currently $45.00. Membership fees, Bingo proceeds, and other nominal fees are used to maintain the Association’s infrastructure and to contribute to various community activities and cash prizes supporting various community drawings. Additionally, the Association contributes to the annual July 4th fireworks display which is totally funded from voluntary contributions from businesses and individuals.

The Association is governed by a 9 member board of directors elected by the Association’s members in good standing. There is just one general membership meeting each year held on the July 4th weekend. There are regular (approximately monthly) board of director meetings open to the general membership. The monthly board of directors meetings are usually held April through October on a Saturday morning. Contact us for more information.