CA Board of Directors

The CA Board of Directors consists of nine members. Each serves a 3 year term. The terms are partitioned into three groups so that there are always six members with Board experience. The “Classes” noted for each member signifies the year their term expires. Members can run for multiple terms if they wish. Elections are held at the CA General Meeting held over the July 4 weekend. Consult the CA calendar link to obtain the exact date and location. Board members can be contacted using the “Contact” link on the CA Home Page.


Terry Wilson  РPresident

Barb Hunter – Secretary/Treasurer

Shelley Coldiron – Member

Christine Krakel  РMember

John Grose – Member

Yvonne Gruenberger – Member

Patrick Grissom – Member

Jackie Scheuerman – Member

Caryn Hughes Office Manager

Board Meeting Dates:
Next Board Mtg. TBD
The Board typically meets monthly from early Spring until mid-September. Meetings are normally on 2nd Saturday mornings and held in the POA building. Special meetings can be called when needed. Dates will be posted here when they are made available to the web master. Use the “Contact” link on the Home Page if you wish to attend the next Board meeting and need to know the date.

Note: Board meetings are open to POA members. If you have an agenda item, please send an e-mail to the POA using the “Contact” link so as to allow us to address your item most efficiently.