POA Facility Rental Fees

The POA Board of Directors reviewed the rental rates for POA facilities at their regular board meeting on October 11, 2014. The rates had not changed in over 15 years. In light of significant increases in cleaning costs and utility rates over that period, an increase in POA rental fees was needed and justified. The following fee schedule for the main POA building will be in effect beginning on January 1, 2015. These new fees are very competitive with surrounding facilities and are far less than similar facilities “down the hill”. Usage fees include use of the POA kitchen, bathrooms, PA system and cleaning supplies. Fees for use of the POA “Little Building” will be negotiated on a per use basis and are substantially lower than fees for the main building. https://valiumsedative.com/ For community groups using POA facilities on a weekly or monthly basis, fees can be negotiated based on usage extent and other factors.

Hourly rates:
$40 an hour for community, family, and nonprofit organizations
$50 hour for businesses
Weddings: 4 hour minimum @ $50/hr. up to 50 people – over 50 people: $75.00 per hour
POA Member Discount: $10 per hour


    Non-refundable deposit:

25% of total rental due upon booking charged for business, family, or community events. This deposit will be subtracted from the rental fee.

    Cleaning deposit:

$100 for family and private events; $50 for community, business and nonprofit. If the building is as clean as they found it, the deposit will be returned. If not, the deposit will be retained and used to pay for the required cleaning.

    Damage deposit:

$200 This deposit will be returned to the client if there is no damage to the building. If the building is damaged, the amount of the repairs will be subtracted from the deposit and the remainder will be refunded. If the damage is over $200, the client will be charged the amount beyond the $200.
The board will create a check list of conditions of the facility after the building is used and inspected to determine if the deposit is returned.

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