RFL Property Owners Assoc. Needs Board Members

We were successful in obtaining several new board members at our annual member meeting last month, however we still need a few more.  There are openings for 1 yr., and 2 yr. terms. This is a working board, but with a full staff, the work is distributed, fun, and rewarding. You need not be a full time resident in RFL. Board meetings typically run 60 to 90 minutes and there are usually five meetings over the summer beginning in May. We understand that part time residents value their time in Red Feather ….. want to come up and just relax, however with a full board (9 members) the work is not a big impact.

So Please …. consider joining our board of directors. If you join and find you cannot complete a full term, we understand. You may resign at any time.  You may just submit your name via the POA phone 970–881-2925, inform a current board member, or let us know using the “Contact” link on this web site. Our By-Laws provide an option whereby you can join the board with just the acceptance of the current board.  No need to wait for the next annual meeting.  Thanks!

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