Update on Broadband from Larimer County

Larimer Broadband – Stay Up-To-Date

Stakeholders are invited to view the web page and sign up for subscription and newsletter updates about broadband in Larimer County.
Larimer Broadband is Larimer County’s program to explore and develop broadband options for its communities. There are now two ways to stay current on Larimer Broadband developments:

  1. Web page: http://larimer.org/planning/broadband/
  2. Larimer Broadband email subscription – sign up through Virtual Courthouse Subscription Services: http://www.larimer.org/subscriptions.cfm
Posted by Caryn Hughes for
Pam Marcus-Bause  |  Grant Coordinator

Community Development  |  Larimer County
200 West Oak Street  |  Fort Collins, CO 80521

Larimer County Broadband



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